The History of Corinth
Corinth Baptist Church
The history of Corinth dates back to 1785 when the church was known as Toole's Meeting House. The name would latter change to Crocker's Chapel. When the congregation moved to a location between Rocky Ford and Ingleside, the name became Haywood Meeting House, and later named Haywood Baptist Church.

1911 Corinth Baptist ChruchFollowing the Civil War, brother Peter Dement gave the land for the present site. The old Haywood church property was sold to the African-American Baptist in the community. The name Corinth was chosen when the congregation moved into the first building on its new location. A large frame building, erected in 1911, was destroyed by fire on Febuary 22nd. 1925 about 3:00AM. Thus the present building was erected.

Many improvements have been made over the years. Following World War II, a central heating system was installed and a unified church budget was also adopted. In 1963 land was given and the parsonage was built on Trinity Church Road. In 1979 the first minister of Music/Youth was hired. Pew cushions were installed in 1982, and Stained-glass windows were added in 1986. In 1988 – 89 Sunday school rooms were renovated. In 1992 the baptistery was installed, and in 1995 improvements were made to the church cemetery and outdoor playground equipment was purchased. In 1998 a steeple and chimes were installed on the roof of the building.

Corinth Baptist ChurchCorinth Baptist Church can be proud of her more than 230 year history and can say "to God be the glory, great things He has done." As we look to the future, Corinth is committed to the Southern Baptist Way of Life, the Southern Baptist Convention and its Articles of Faith. As we move forward we lay a firm hold on the Great Commission, and like the Apostle Paul, we also say, "Let us press no toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus our Lord."

Pastors of
Corinth Baptist Church

Rev. W. R. Cullom - 1882
Rev. Day
Rev. Devinney
Rev. G. M. Duke
Rev. Forest Smith
Rev. H. H. Marshburn
Dr. Marsh
Rev. Jessie McCarter
Rev. E. D. Poe - 1910
Rev. J. A. Ellis
Rev. W. L. Griggs
Rev. J. F. Mitchner - 1915 to 1917
Rev. B. E. Morris - 1917 to 1919
Rev. W. K. Colins - 1919 - 1920
Rev. N. F. Britt - 1920 to 1925
Rev. J. A. Mclver - 1926-27-interim
Rev. H. G. Dorsett - 1927 to 1928
Rev. R. P. Caudell - 1929 to 1932
Rev. J. B. Jackson - 1932 to 1934
Rev. Carl Onsley - 1934 to 1935
Rev. Garland Hendrick - 1934-interim
Rev. H. H. Barnette - 1936 to 1940
Rev. W. R. Wagoner - 1940 to 1942
Rev. Ernest P. Russell - 1942 to 1945
Rev. Hervert Miller - 1945 to 1947
Rev. Eugen Hoover - 1947
Rev. Jack Wilder - 1947 to 1949
Rev. Gilbert Mister - 1949 to 1957
Rev. Jessie Parker - 1958 to 1962
Rev. Billy Martin - 1962 to 1965
Rev. J. Marton Rector - 1965 to 1971
Rev. Donald Cooke - 1971-interim
Rev. Mackie Bozon - 1971 to 1973
Rev. Andrew Cline - 1973 to 1977
Rev. Denny Lawyer - 1977-interim
Dr. Lynn Sasser - 1977 to 1980
Rev. Bob Watson - 1980 to 81-interim
Rev. Richard Hart - 1981 to 1983
Rev. Nathan Ferrell - 1983 to 84-supply
Rev. D. P. McFarland - 1984-interim
Rev. David Huggins - 1984 to 1987
Rev. Carl Grahm - 1987 to 88-interim
Dr. Donald Dowless - 1988 to 1997
Rev. Ralph Culler - 1997-interim
Rev. Joe Willard - 1997 to 98-interim
Rev. Mike Blevins - 1998 to 2001
Dr. Patrick Fuller - 2001-interim
Dr. Bill Wakefield - 2001-interim
Dr. Todd Stewart - 2001 to 2005
Dr. George Shore - 2005 to 06-interim
Rev. Brent Farrar - 2006 to 2010
Dr. Bill Wakefiled - 2011-interim
Rev. Matthew Bowden - 2011 to 2018